Why Us?

Premium Service for Premium Customers. Check out Minnesota WiFi today for internet service that is faster, more reliable, and more affordable than any other rural internet provider in the area!


Video Streaming Ready

Our service offers you the higher bandwidth and faster speeds that your current service from the phone company, Clearwave, or satellite provider isn't able to. You can stream video and audio at incredible speed, without slowing down the rest of your internet users at home. No more buffering messages interrupting your favorite show or funny youtube video. Download music, games, and movies at lightning speed that your old connection can't keep up with. 

State-of-the-Art 5G Network

Our network is built from the ground up to utilize the latest technology improvements to bring you the fastest internet connection available to rural areas. From a low latency / low ping time network to receiving the speed you pay for 24/7 even during peak times, we are ready to address any issues before you even notice them. As demand grows, we are ready to upgrade the network to stay ahead of increased internet demand. Switch to Minnesota WiFi today to experience internet how it is meant to be used!

Local Owner / Operator

Minnesota WiFi was started and is run by Darin Steffl, a local Kasson-Mantorville graduate. He prides himself in providing the best customer service possible and responding to the needs of our community. You will love working with Darin and having a local community member who knows you by your name and not an account number.