Minnesota WiFi was formed to serve rural Minnesota communities with the best internet service that other companies aren't willing to provide. The company was started by Darin Steffl, a Kasson-Mantorville and St. Olaf College graduate. Darin grew up in the community and understands that customers come first and friendly service is key.

Minnesota WiFi was formed out of frustration with the lack of options for fast, highspeed internet in Dodge County. There is DSL from the phone company, wireless internet from old Midwest Wireless Clearwave, satellite internet from Hughesnet and WildBlue, and 3G from the cellphone providers. What all of these options have in common is that they are slow, have capped data and/or are expensive. None of these services are the best option for consumers or businesses. Minnesota WiFi is here to be your preferred, premier internet and phone provider.

The business was started to bring high quality, fast, and affordable highspeed internet and phone service to rural communities starting with the Kasson-Mantorville area. The owner (Darin Steffl) grew up and graduated from KM as well. We offer speeds at least 10 times faster than internet from the phone company and at least 30 times faster than Clearwave and satellite providers that many of you may subscribe to currently. We also do this at a cheaper price in most cases than the competition. Our service is provided over wireless like Clearwave by attaching a small, round antenna on your home and pointing it toward one of our towers.  We use state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to offer much higher speeds than any other service in the rural areas.  

Other services suffer when you try to do anything besides check your email or read the news. In most cases, when you try to stream video from Netflix, Youtube, or Hulu, the service slows to a crawl and becomes unusable for everyone else in the household. That is because these other services offer very slow speeds, or bandwidth, to you. Think of their service as a small water hose hooked up to your house. Compare that to our service which is hooked up to a fire hydrant with a fire hose. The water, or internet bandwidth, flows much faster and has a higher capacity to carry all the data to your home with our service. That is why our service is able to support today's internet needs as well as tomorrow's needs. We provide the bandwidth you need to use multiple devices in your home without being bottlenecked by a slow internet service like you may have now.

We don't require a phone line, don't have taxes, and service doesn't go out with the weather. Minnesota WiFi is your #1 choice in internet service and with no contracts, we guarantee you will be happy with the service because we don't have to lock you in like other providers do. Try us today by filling out the inquiry form on the bottom of this page or on the contact link above.

This company was started by Darin Steffl, a Kasson-Mantorville and St. Olaf College graduate. 

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