Internet Service

Residential Pricing for 5 GHz Internet:

NO CONTRACT REQUIRED:  You'll love our service so much, you'll never want to cancel


Minnesota WiFi offers Unlimited Data usage on all of our plans which means No Caps and No Overage Charges.

This is our standard pricing. Please check with us about possible Discounted Pricing based on your address.


Managed WiFi Router


Our new plans include a Carrier-Grade Managed WiFi Router at no additional monthly cost with our current Fall 2017 Promotion. We will setup your WiFi name and password as well as troubleshoot your in-home WiFi when you contact us. Save the headache of managing your own router and let us do the work for you. This service covers replacement of the router in case of failure. 

If you do not choose this service, you will need to install and maintain your own wireless router.


$100 Setup during an install (Save $50 on the setup charge with our Fall 2017 Promo)

$10 per month (Save $10 for life with Fall 2017 Promo)

= This all equals a FREE Managed Router with no monthly cost and only a $50 setup charge.


Download Speed Upload Speed   All plans include:  UNLIMITED DATA
3 Meg Speeds 1 Meg Speeds $30 Great for: Web browsing, email. Not recommended for Video streaming.
5-7 Meg Speeds 1-3 Meg Speeds $48 Great for: email, news, Facebook. Good for 1 Video Stream.
10-15 Meg Speeds 3-5 Meg Speeds $58 Great for: all of the above + up to 2 HD Video Streams
17-22 Meg Speeds 5-7 Meg Speeds $70 Great for: all of the above + Up to 3 HD Video Streams

25-30 Meg Speeds

5-10 Meg Speeds $90

Great for: all of the above. This is for users with multiple devices and streaming needs. Up to 4 HD Streams

30 Meg to 1000 Meg Download Speeds

30 Meg to 1000 Meg Upload Speeds  Call

This is great for dedicated, fast speeds. Please contact us for speeds above 30 Megs. 

There are no taxes for our internet service.

There is a required $10 equipment protection and upgrade plan which helps keep our network updated and free of defective equipment. This offers lifetime replacement of equipment in case of failure as long as you're a customer. This does not cover customer-responsible damage such as cut cables or purposefully damaged equipment.


We offer Static IP addresses for gaming applications or remote access of cameras or other devices at your property. The cost for the gamer/remote access add-on is $10 per month. This includes 1 Static IP address.


Installation with no contract is $200 ($150 install cost with $50 yard sign discount)

1-year Term: $150 ($100 install cost with $50 yard sign discount)

2-year Term: $100 ($50 install cost with $50 yard sign discount)

This covers equipment, labor, and all necessary supplies to setup your service. This includes a standard roof or side mount, 100 feet of cable, and 2.5 hours of labor. This charge is due at time of install but can be broken into 2 monthly payments if requested. Any additional labor is billed at $80 per hour above the included amount. 

Any setup that requires additional materials such as a pole mount or long cable runs will add additional costs to be determined at survey or time of install.

Minnesota WiFi owns the roof antenna and will replace it free of charge if the hardware is defective.

Business Pricing:

We offer business service with speeds similar to our residential offerings. We can also customize a package to fit your specific needs with dedicated bandwidth, VPN connections, remote access, custom support hours, and guaranteed Service Level Agreements (SLA). We can offer speeds from 2 Megs to over 1000 Megs of bandwidth.

Replace your old T1 line, DSL, Cable, or Clearwave connection with something many times faster at a more affordable price.

If you would like business pricing, please email [email protected] or call 507-634-WiFi (9434) for more details and to work out the right plan for your business.