Reasons to Switch

Follow the link below to see the top 10 reasons why you should switch to Minnesota WiFi today!

Installation Pictures

If you want to see some examples of installations that we have done in the past, follow the link below.  We do our best to make sure that your install will be clean and professional. We care about your satisfaction before, during, and after the installation and give you a few options for installs to match your preferences.

Can I receive your internet service at my home?

This depends on a few factors such as range, line of sight, and interference but hopefully the answer we can give you is YES! To determine this, we need you to contact us by filling out the contact form with at least your name, address, and either phone number or email and we can look at our maps to determine if your address can receive our service. If everything looks good, we can schedule a site survey on-site and if signal levels look good, we will install on the spot and you will be enjoying your new internet service from Minnesota WiFi.

Is service affected by rain or storms like satellite is?

Absolutely not! Our service uses a frequency that rain cannot interfere with unlike satellite internet and TV service. The only way a storm would take out your internet is if lightning directly strikes one of our towers or if you lose power to your home and don't have the internet modem and wireless router on battery backup. All our towers have battery backup and will continue to run if they lose power but if your equipment at home loses power, your internet will go down. You can purchase a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) and plug in our power supply and router and continue to receive internet as long as your battery lasts.

Can I use multiple devices on this connection?

Yes, of course! We offer a wireless router that you can plug devices into as well as a wireless signal that up to 30 devices can connect to within your house. We openly encourage you to use as many devices as you want with our service because it can handle it, unlike the other guys out there. Our router costs $50 but you're welcome to use your own router if you already have one.

Can you explain what the installation process looks like?

After we receive your contact information and address, we will do a quick check on your address to see if we can service it. If our internal process looks good, we will schedule a site survey and install on the spot if the site survey is a success. From there, we work with you to find the best spot to install the antenna on your home. From there, we run a cable into your home and install our power supply and wireless router and you should then have your new internet experience up and running. We will walk you through how to login to our online billing system and setup a payment method. We will also make sure you have proper antivirus and security running on your computers. Total install time should be from 1.5 to 3 hours.

What antivirus and security measures do you recommend?

We require that ALL windows computers have an up-to-date antivirus and that you update Windows security updates to make sure that you are secure and don't affect other customers on the network. We recommend Avast Free Antivirus for all Windows machines as it has been tested to be the best out there. AVG and Microsoft Security Essentials are also good alternatives. Keep in mind you can only have one antivirus installed at a time or it will cause issues. Please make sure that Windows is set to automatically download and install all updates. You do not need to install a separate firewall because Windows has one built-in and the wireless router acts as a firewall as well. 

Do you provide an email service?

No we do not. We have done research that shows Gmail from Google is the best free email provider out there today and that local companies such as us cannot offer email anywhere comparable to what Gmail has to offer. For this reason, we chose not to offer email service and suggest you create a free Gmail account and see what it has to offer. Gmail is used by millions of people worldwide and is being used by colleges, universities, and state governments. It provides you with access to your email on any computer worldwide, not just your one computer at home. You can also access it from all Androids and iPhones. Having a Gmail account also protects you from losing email if your computer crashes because they are all stored on Google's servers, not your local computer that could crash at any moment.

Can I stream videos and music with the service?

YES! Our service was designed to provide plenty of speed and capacity to our users no matter what time of day it is used. The internet is meant to be used for video streaming, gaming, skype, and plenty of other uses that our service can handle, unlike many other rural internet providers. Please, use our service to your heart's content today and into the future.

What if I have a question that isn't listed?

Please email us at [email protected] for questions that are non-urgent and we will respond as soon as possible. If you have an urgent question or tech support issue, you can call us at 507-634-WiFi (9434) as listed on the Contact page.