Dear Potential MN WiFi customers,

DO IT! You will not regret it at all. You don't have to put up with the junk service that you have been stuck with until now. Sorry Frontier, but I guess us little guys in the country just weren't important enough to you to offer us anything better. Here's a little incentive for ya folks. Now granted we have paid for a very fast link 50mbps but this is an example of what Darin can do for you. I frequently have to download really large files (6.2GB) this used to be about a 6-7 hour process even when I wasn't competing with my wife and kids for bandwidth. Now I can download these huge files in 20 minutes! (Even with other family members using the internet!) Yes it's that fast!!!! Darin did a superb job with the installation. Everything looked nice and neat, no sloppy work. And danged if it all didn't work perfectly, no feeble excuses and return appointments to get us up and running like in the past! (again, sorry frontier) We stream movies from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon etc. For the first time EVER we watched in perfect HD, full 5 dots on the stream quality and absolutely no buffering. Really simple: Blazing fast, super reliable, very affordable and superb customer service. I feel sorry for poor Darin, I plagued him with questions via email, (yes I was skiddish too) he answered me quickly and always. Hey Darin, thanks so much for putting up with all my questions. Guys, I can't praise this guy and his internet service enough. Again, you will not regret it.

Bryan Wanek of Claremont, MN

MN WiFi is amazing! It was such an upgrade from what we were using. I joke about how it has revolutionized our world, but it is true. The kids are now able to do what they need to do for school, and we are enjoying unlimited streaming of music and Netflix which is the best part since we don't have a satellite dish. In addition, it is 100% reliable and all at an affordable price!

Marlo & Aaron Bungum of Kasson, MN

MN WiFi has been great!  After installation we "cut the cord" with the local phone company.  We are a very internet heavy family, all our TV/Video viewing is streaming now and with the kids we can have three or four different streams going at any given time.  That would be impossible with the local phone company.  I was paying almost twice as much for a fraction of the speed we are now getting with MN WiFi.  Now I can get up to 20 mbps with MN WiFi where I had to pay extra to get a maximum of 2 mbps from the phone company.  Now all video streams begin playing immediately and never stop to buffer like before.  It has been great for my business as well where I upload and download large photos and video files almost daily.

The whole experience so far has been right on from the beginning.  The installation was quick, finished neatly and with courteous people.  Customer service is exceptional with near immediate response and any questions, concerns or comments are addressed right away.  Also account access and billing is all done online as well which I like.
It is nice to finally have truly High Speed internet service from a provider who cares ... and at a great reasonable price compared to the competition!
Sean Weitzel - MBM of Kasson, MN

MN WiFi has been a great move for our family and our business. The speed is so much faster than what we had, with a great price. When we have had questions or needed help Darin has been quick to respond, making things so very simple for us. We just couldn't be more pleased. It has been a pleasure doing business with Darin. We would encourage anyone looking for fast friendly internet service to call MN WiFi.

Karen & Willy Naatz of Mantorville, MN

We are extremely satisfied with our MN WiFi. Love the WiFi speed being able to manage the things we want to do with our electronic devices. Also with Darin's service, customer friendliness, support and professionalism. Initially our router kept dropping us out of Netflix. Darin looked into the error code, determined we likely had a defective router and promptly replaced it. Also checked back to make sure this solved the issue. Darin made suggestions for an upgrade to us that we decided to follow through on and are very happy with these upgrades. The speed improvement is also wonderful with our new computer system. Darin passed along to us the discount on part of our new computer package that he was able to get when he purchased it and he wouldn't have had to do this. Keep up the great work, Darin! We're sure many others will appreciate having MN WiFi, especially with the level of service you provide!

Pam Miller of Mantorville, MN

We are very pleased with our experience with installing our new internet service through MN WiFi. We were disappointed with our previous carrier and wanted a service that could match our needs. We met up with MN WiFi at the Dodge County Fair for which the sales person provided us information on MN WiFi and answered all our questions politely and professionally. We then submitted an inquiry on line and shortly thereafter we asked them to install. The installer came on a rainy Saturday morning and did a very professional install without mess or bother. We now have a great internet with excellent speed that fulfills all our needs even when all 4 of us are on the Web at the same time. Thank you MN WiFi for providing such a great product and a reasonable price while providing A+ service.

Rodney Peterson of Kasson, MN

Love the service. Couldn't be happier. Considerably better than the phone internet service I had been putting up with.

Bob Kirchner of Mantorville, MN


We think you're doing an amazing job! We love the great service we receive from Minnesota WiFi and we appreciate the emails you send letting us know what's going on when there are issues. 

Keep up the great work!

Phoebe and Kurt of Mantorville, MN

I can say it is nice to communicate with someone that really cares when there is an issue. Keep up the good work and the customer focused attitude. If you were a publicly traded company I'd think about buying stock because with your attitude and focus I believe you are going to make your business very successful. Thanks for the great customer service and may God Bless your business and your activities as you work to expand this year.

Daryl Walters of Dodge Center, MN

For quite some time now, my family and I have been in search of an internet company which could provide service to my location at a better speed and at an affordable price. Much to our surprise, after moving to our home, did we realize what a challenge that would be. Most "country" internet providers didn't service our area. And the one that we found that did, was extremely slow.

The communication between myself and the Minnesota WiFi provider at the time of inquiry was easy and efficient. He was available not only by phone, but also by email; and response was always quick and thorough. I was pleasantly surprised by price at initial contact, and even more pleasantly surprised by speed at the time of install. We did have difficulty with one of the systems running slow because it was too distant  from the router. My son made one call to express his concern, and before I even knew he made that call, the provider had been to our house and corrected the problem. We have not been burdened with outages. Our experience has been great from day one!

Thanks Darin, Thanks Minnesota WiFi

Amber & Travis Fjerstad of Mantorville, MN

Am LOVING the Internet! Connection is great since you were here last! So glad we switched over to you.

Julaine Fix of Kasson, MN

We have had service for over a month now & couldn't be happier!! We lost power this morning & I received an email asking if it was a power outage or something on mnwifi end. What other companies do that??!!?! Also when we had installation done, the service tech arrived when he said he would, was very friendly & very informative. I recommend them to everyone I know!!!

Tara Rezac of Pine Island, MN
Minnesota WiFi is awesome!!!! I hope everyone will get a chance to have you for their internet!! The best customer support I have ever seen! Thanks guys!!

Colleen Hjortaas of Kenyon, MN